hello I’m Tilly!

I’m originally from near Coventry, but moved to the Isle of Skye as a child, I think living within ancient landscape, uncontrollable weather, and relative isolation has inevitably informed how I think and make work, sometimes in ways I don’t notice until I look closer.  Stillness leads to noticing intricacies and smaller eco systems that build the landscape. It’s easy to look at the dramatic surroundings and overlook whole worlds silently living. When I was 18 I moved to Glasgow to live and work and ended up studying at Glasgow School of Art, I am now 24, a 2021 graduate, living and working in Glasgow!

I’m interested in queering play and how this materialises within the blur of physical and digital spaces. I’m excited by mystical mundanity, the gaps around us (metaphorical and physical) being a seedbed for fantasy of self, objects and our surroundings. Working with collage as a way to disseminate the original context of objects in order to re-imagine their meaning and potentiality, through propagating sound, digital 3D, animation, impermanent physical objects, tactile technology and video.

I’m a shark enthusiast interested in the cultural horror that surrounds these animals that keep to themselves. I’m curious about water, how folklore begins, and the potential of mythologies being born from daily routine.


September.2017-June.2021 – BA (Hons) Sculpture and Environmental Art, First Class Honours, Glasgow School of Art

August.2016-March.2017 – Portfolio Preparation, Glasgow School of Art

September.2014-June.2015 – Art and Design NC Level 6, University of the Highlands and Islands, West Highland College


June-September 2021, Arebyte Open Screen

October-December 2021, Market Gallery Home Residency

panel discussions

November 2021, Arebyte Open Screen: technology, disability arts + the online space (time aired upcoming)



2017- Lost at SEA, Barnes Building

2018- SEAing is believing, Barnes Building

2019- Unnamed group show, Stow Building

2020- SEA in the contracted field, Lang Craigs

2021- Portable bus stop, Fiscavaig beach

2021- Portable bus stop, Fiscavaig birch wood and burn

2021- Portable bus stop, Glenbrittle forest

2021- Digital Graduate Showcase, Glasgow School of Art

2021- The Alternative Degree Show Festival Part 1, The Briggait

2021- Degree Show Simulator 2021, Digital

2021- Alternative Degree Show Film Festival, Transmission

2021- Interlude Films, ISO Design

2021- Arebyte Open Screen, Digital Exhibition

work/relevant experience

September.2015, Doors Open Days, The Pipe Factory

October.2015-September.2017, Gallery Assistant, The Lighthouse

January.2021-ongoing, co-created alternative digital showcase for Glasgow school of Art graduates


The Skinny, ‘Fine Art’, June 2021

The Scotsman, ‘Art review: GSA Showcase 2021, Glasgow School of Art’, June 2021

GSA Showcase 2021, School of Fine Art Review, Chris Sharratt