carrying and assembling the portable bus stop below

Portable bus stop made up of 29 pvc pipes and 18 connectors, that can be carried and assembled where you please. Bus stops are liminal, a place of wait and potentiality, a collective space in a dichotomy of stasis and movement.

The portable bus stop disseminates the original context of the object in order to reimagine the in-between space that houses solitude, overhearing, collective experience and accidental meetings. Absence of context creates potentiality and fantasy. “The work of inhabiting a space involves a dynamic negotiation between what is familiar and unfamiliar, such that it is still possible for the world to create new impressions, depending on which way we turn, which effects what is within reach. Extending into space also extends what is “just about” familiar or is “just about” within reach.” Sara Ahmed, Queer Phenomenology¬†